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Equitable Access Fund for the Edmonton Based Somatic Experiencing® Training

What it is:

The Edmonton based Somatic Experiencing® (SE) training team will be welcoming a new cohort of students to the SE learning world in June of 2023. In Edmonton, it will cost approximately $8000 over the course of the first two years for a student to complete the Beginning and Intermediate years of the training, including the personal sessions and consultations required to obtain an SEP certificate. 

We recognize that this training is not financially accessible to many individuals who are interested in this learning. We also understand that access to funding is a social and political problem that needs to be addressed. As an act of reparation and reconciliation with communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), and the LGBTQ2S+ community, we’re making efforts to expand access to Somatic Experiencing Practitioners within these communities and for BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ service users. We as a training team are committed to finding ways to support more equality of access, which is the purpose of this fund.

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Research demonstrates that trust, safety, and connection in the therapeutic relationship are more easily established for Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, and LGBTQ2S+ individuals when the therapist shares their cultural and/or ethnic background. In light of this, making SE training more accessible to BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ practitioners will create more equitable access to treatment in our communities. This equitable access fund will support a few individuals to access the training and have the opportunity to bring this learning back to support those that they work with.

Who is it For?

  • Individuals, in Alberta, who are from communities and cultural backgrounds that are underrepresented in therapeutic and helping communities and overrepresented as individuals accessing services, including: black, Indigenous, people of colour, and/or individuals from the LGBTQ2S+ community.

  • Individuals from these communities who are in a helping profession or role, such as, but not limited to: therapist, counsellor, social worker, psychologist, teacher, outreach worker, body worker, or addiction support.

  • Individuals from these communities who are interested in the Somatic Experiencing® Training, are open to potentially completing the full 3-year training, and the possibility of taking the steps to achieve their Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) certificate. While it is our hope that the successful applicant completes the full training and SEP process, it is not a requirement or an expectation.

  • Individuals from these communities that would not be able to access this training without financial support.

  • Individuals from these communities who are interested in somatic trauma interventions, have a vision of how they would like to apply these interventions, and are committed to using these skills to support their community.

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How many Scholarships will be offered?

In the Edmonton 2023 cohort, the scholarship will be offered to 2 students. One scholarship will go to an individual who is Indigenous, and the other scholarship will be directed towards someone in the BIPOC and/or LGBTQ+ population.

What to Expect:

The successful applicant, if they choose to complete the full training program, will be aware that it is a 3 year commitment. The first 2 years of the program, the Beginner and Intermediate levels, will be in Edmonton, and the advanced year will be in another location as it is not offered in Edmonton. The first two levels of the training consist of 6 modules, each 4 days long that are spread out over the course of 2 years. If the successful applicant chooses to continue on to the advanced year of training, it takes place over 2 modules that are each 6 days long. This will require the ability to commit to these dates, to take time away from work and family to be at the training, and to travel for the modules.

During these learning modules, individuals will be participating in lectures, experiential learning, and group practices where learning is applied and practiced.  Topics related to various experiences and presentations of trauma and the impacts on the nervous system are explored and may be triggering to participants. There will be supports on site to reduce the impact of these explorations but participants need to be aware and prepared to be in contact with trauma related content.

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Uncovered Costs:

This fund will cover the full cost of tuition for the first 2 years of training in Edmonton.


If the successful applicant decides that they would like to move forward with the advanced year of training, we the equity fund providers will fundraise in efforts to cover the advanced year tuition. Depending on fundraising outcomes, the advanced year tuition fees will be either partially funded or fully funded.  The costs of travel and accommodations for the advanced training would be the responsibility of the successful applicant. 

To complete the Somatic Experiencing Practitioner certificate there are requirements for personal sessions and consultations. Even if the successful applicant does not wish to pursue their SEP certificate, personal sessions and consults assist to deepen and integrate SE learning. If the fund recipient chooses to participate in personal sessions or consults for any reason, there will be additional costs for these sessions and consults. Due to funding limitations, these additional costs will not be fully covered by the scholarship.  The successful recipient will be responsible to pay for consults and personal sessions at a reduced rate of $50 for individual sessions/consults and $25 for group consults with the Edmonton training team. The regular rate for personal sessions is $130, consult rates vary from $130-$150, and group consults are $50.

Our Commitment to Applicants:

Our commitment to you is that we enter this endeavour with open eyes and open hearts. We intend to support the individuals selected to access this fund to the best of our ability. Every successful applicant will have an avenue to access support if needed or to share feedback. As a part of this commitment, we intend to support the SE assistant and teaching community to work to make the training space a safe and accessible space for all. This is new territory for the Edmonton SE community and although we are committed to equity reparation and reconciliation, we recognize that we will likely make some mistakes along the way. If and when we do, we welcome feedback and want to be called in so that we can make changes and do the work to rectify any blind spots and missteps. The development of this fund will be a learning process and an unlearning process along the way.

How to apply:

 If you are interested in applying to this fund for equitable access to SE training for members of the BIPOC and LGBTQ2S+ community, follow the link below!


If you have additional questions, contact Terri Bailey

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