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Certification Requirements to become a Somatic Experiencing®  Practitioner (SEP)

  • Price for personal sessions: $130.00 per hour

  • Average price for case consults $130.00-$150.00

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Certification Details

  • Personal Sessions and Consults are not required to participate in the training.  They are recommended to support the curriculum and deepen the learning.

  • Personal Sessions and Consults are required if students wish to certify as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP).

  • The chart outlining the timeline for completion of the personal sessions and consults is a guideline.  It is recommended to complete the sessions and consults in the timeline on the chart but it is not required.  Students have 2 years after the completion of Advanced II to complete their sessions and submit their log sheet.

  • Students must work with a practitioner who is approved to provide sessions or consults at the level of training that the student is currently taking.  For example, by the first day of Intermediate I training, even if students haven’t completed the Beginning year personal sessions or consults they must work with a practitioner who is approved at the Intermediate level.

  • Approval status for providers is listed on this website in the “training ” tab under “instructor and assistants”.   

Certification Requirements

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